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Cons: Demanding that your child wait until marriage to have sex without explaining why may backfire.Using a punishment approach (the infamous, "If you have sex, you will go to Hell" approach) may only make your teen more curious.Parents need to know why they are setting the rules, and they also need to discuss the rules openly with their children.

Pros: Dating that occurs in public places prevents temptation from getting the better of teenagers. Cons: Just saying that the dating has to occur in public places does not necessarily ensure that the people around your Christian teen will hold him or her accountable.Tell your teen that you will talk about dating when he or she is ____ years old.Then you can sit down and have a conversation to see if your teen is ready.Venues such as bowling alleys, parks and bookstores sometimes sponsor Christian events.Go on dates in public places that enable you to make a connection based on common beliefs.

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Avoid temptations of the flesh, as Christianity calls for followers to remain chaste until marriage.

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