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by Grace Goodman When most people turn on the radio they flip on KLCC or KDUK — radio stations run out of Eugene. Change isn’t always easy and I’d say we’ve been experiencing some growing pains.

Why, with such a big rivalry between Corvallis and Eugene, are these the primary radio stations people are listening to. Jack Fraser (Program Director) and I spent a lot of time researching and visiting other college radio stations for fresh ideas.

If you’re a musician and would like to be featured, email the producers at ; a wide variety of bands are already booked for this spring term.

While the schedule is currently unavailable, here is a list of bands who will be performing: Steelhead is a pop rock band with an interesting style that most listeners will likely enjoy.

If you’re interested in the local music scene, whether you’re a musician or simply a music enthusiast, tune in to the hour-long Locals Live at OSU’s Radio and TV station, KBVR. As Molly Jones, the host of Locals Live, explained, a new band comes on every week to play a live set followed by a 10 – 15 minute interview which allows viewers and listeners to get to know the band, their story and influences.

The program has won various awards, including ‘Best Uniquely “OREGON” Program Produced by Station Non-commercially’ from the Oregon Association of Broadcasters in 20. Molly herself loves “the diversity that exists in the local scene” and working with Locals Live has allowed her to “really get a feel for the music culture” in our college town.

This includes the Daily Barometer, which is the Oregon State newspaper.KBVR-TV “Split Screen” Producer Job Description As a member of Orange Media Network, you will be responsible for student-produced content and ensuring student staff members are held to the highest ethical, fiscal and professional standards and practices.You will recruit, lead and supervise student employees and volunteers while advancing Orange Media Network’s reputation for excellence in all media forms and as a welcoming, engaging and inclusive organization.Fraser agrees by stating that these are big changes that will be overall positive and last a long time.The biggest change they are trying to make is gaining more recognition as a radio station.

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After a while listening to the same top 40 gets really boring.” Oregon State student Katie Robbins said. “We’ve gone through a lot of changes in the past year.