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It took nearly a year, but eventually the album reached the number-one position on Billboard 's album chart, selling some three million copies over twelve months.

By 2004 it had sold eight million copies in the United States and an additional ten million worldwide.

He does more than just play the piano: he bangs on it with his fists, pounds the keys, and occasionally kicks the keys for additional emphasis.

When asked by WWD about his exuberant style, Cullum replied: "It's a very spontaneous thing.

As early as age three, Jones began showing a keen interest in music, closely watching her father when he played his sitar. She learned to play several instruments in her youth, primarily studying piano.

Shankar and Sue Jones, unmarried when Norah was born, separated when she was still a young child.

Her musical influences during that time came from her mother's record collection.

A low-key, acoustic work that defies categorization but includes hints of jazz, traditional pop, country, and folk; the CD is the kind of recording that would ordinarily have sold several thousand copies, earned admiring reviews in the music press, and then faded from view.

I just let myself go at the expense of looking like an idiot all the time and getting really hot and sweaty and not being very classy." While some reviewers have criticized Cullum for lacking subtlety, others have praised his boundless energy onstage and applauded his efforts to bring lighthearted fun to music that is usually played with a more serious tone.

During her high school years at Dallas's Booker T.

In the beginning, that is exactly the path the recording seemed to take.

But to the surprise of many, including Jones herself, Come Away with Me continued to sell steadily month after month, thanks to outstanding reviews, positive word-of-mouth, and unexpected radio play.

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Washington School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Jones explored her developing passion for jazz.

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